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Railroad Injury Lawyers

Finding Immediate Legal Help for Your Railroad Injury

Railroad industry workers may already understand their risks compared to those in most other professions. Here in Louisiana, we’ve seen a recent spike in train-related deaths involving train collisions with cars. However, those working directly on or around trains often face just as many serious accidents. These injuries occur from more than just collisions.

Would you know what to do if you found yourself dealing with a serious injury while working for a railroad company? The injuries you may incur are perhaps more serious than you think.

Finding Immediate Legal Help

At Rome, Arata, Baxley & Stelly, LLC, we offer unmatched legal representation in railroad injuries. If you suffered an accident working for the railroad industry, don’t wait to call us for a free consultation at (800) 249-1306. Do not hesitate; evidence is easily lost when victims delay in taking immediate action, and the statute of limitations can restrict the time you have to begin a claim. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the complex system of insurance claims, evidence gathering, negotiation, and in some cases, litigation.

Our Results

We’ve achieved numerous railroad injury settlements and verdicts, recovering millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. One of our most successful cases was a $5 million settlement for a railroad engineer, conductor, and brakeman suffering severe injuries when a truck collided with their train at a grade crossing in Canadian County, Oklahoma.

Among other places, we’ve helped clients in New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Delaware, and Washington, D.C. If you were injured in the railroad industry anywhere in the country, call us now to see what a difference we can make for you.

Common Railroad Industry Injuries

The domino effect of a personal injury in the railroad industry can leave a victim devastated. The damage accrues to more than just yourself—we understand firsthand the toll a serious injury can take on family, relationships, and career, which is why we fight hard to gain all of the compensation you deserve.

Some of the most common injuries we encounter include pushing or pulling injuries that could cause torn muscles, back problems, or various injuries to the arms, legs, hands, or head. In some cases, severe injuries like burns or amputations can require lifelong recovery and treatment. Crushing or cutting injuries can also require amputations. Families of the injured or deceased are often left to suffer with untold medical bills and ongoing emotional pain.

Who Is Typically at Fault?

Numerous parties can contribute to a railroad accident. Perhaps it’s the train director who makes a tragic mistake due to lack of concentration or sleep, or a driver of an outside vehicle who collides with a train, causing a catastrophic accident.

Two years ago, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration proposed a $226,000 fine against Dedicated Tank Cleaning Services for nine safety violations. OSHA said that taking routine safety precautions may have saved the life of a rail employee who suffocated while working in a tank.

Railroad companies and their insurers are well-equipped to fight your claim. Hire an experienced railroad accident attorney who knows how to successfully deal with these cases, and ensure you receive justice for the injuries you’ve suffered.

Damages You Could Recover for Your Injuries

Single railroad cars are enormous and capable of causing catastrophic injuries that can devastate you financially, physically, and emotionally all by themselves. An entire string of them can exponentially increase the damage they can cause. We’ll fight to reclaim the proper compensation from those responsible for your injuries. Medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering can quickly amount to substantial settlements or judgments. While financial compensation alone can never replace the loss of life, limb, or a loved one, the law protects railroad workers—and it’s our job to ensure you receive the justice you deserve.

How Responsible Parties Avoid Liability

No matter what type of injuries you suffer, those at fault will often try to avoid compensating you. Railroad and insurance companies are no different. They have dedicated legal teams experienced in loss prevention—in other words, avoiding liability for workers injured through railroad company negligence. Never try to negotiate with them on your own. An experienced attorney will know how to calculate the full cost of your injuries, will press for fair and complete compensation, and keep the railroad company from taking advantage of you.

How Much Will a Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

In railroad accident cases, justice is available to you no matter your ability to pay. Our attorneys at Rome, Arata, Baxley & Stelly, LLC, provide free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay no upfront costs to secure representation from us. We are committed to ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve and only paid a percentage of any verdict or judgment we secure for you.

While it’s not possible to guarantee the outcome of a case, we have helped numerous railroad professionals secure compensation for their injuries, with a track record that speaks to the dedication we provide to our clients.

We’re Available to Help Now

If you were in a railroad accident, act immediately. Contact Rome, Arata, Baxley & Stelly, LLC, to schedule a free consultation a 504-521-7946, 800-249-1306 toll free or contact us online.

Verdicts and Settlements

Personal Injury, Railroad Injuries
And Maritime Accident Lawyers


Engineer, conductor & brakeman v. Railroad & trucking company

Train Accident

A railroad engineer, conductor and brakeman suffered severe injuries (primarily lumbar spine injuries) in a grade crossing collision in Canadian County, OK when a dump truck hauling a load of sand drove in front of their train.

Tulsa, OK.

Locomotive engineer v. Railroad and trucking company

Train Accident

Engineer perished from burn injuries when the freight train he was operating collided with a gasoline tanker truck at a railroad crossing.

New Orleans, LA

Crew members v. Railroad (confidential settlement) -

Train Accident

We represented several crew members of a train involved in a derailment which occurred allegedly due to defective and poorly maintained railroad tracks. Our clients suffered various physical injuries, …

Orlando, FL

Truck Driver v. Tire Manufacturer and Ins. Co.

We represented a driver of an 18-wheeler who was injured when a relatively new left front tire on the vehicle suffered a catastrophic failure and the treads separated, causing the truck to careen off of the roadway and into a tree. …

New Orleans, LA

Passenger v. Railroad

Our client was a very sweet 79 year old lady who was stepping down off of a train, when her foot missed the metal step-stool which had been placed on the ground by the railroad’s employee. She fell to the ground and fractured her left arm, …

Jacksonville, FL
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